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Cheri Enfield

The "Chi Machine" is the best thing I have ever done for myself in years!

Twenty-eight years ago I was pregnant with my first child and I weighed 99lbs. The baby grew to 9 lbs. in less than 9 months! As she grew, my bones were softening to get ready for delivery, my back swayed inward, I carried 40 extra pounds in my stomach and I started to waddle as well! After having a C-section to deliver my baby, I got a migraine that lasted 10 days, and I have suffered for the past 28 years thereafter. After my second child, I gained weight and my figure continually became pear-shaped and sendentary. I would spend 3 to 6 days in bed every other week for years. Then, 5 years agao, the migraines started happening every week, so I spent more time in bed. I weigh 165 lbs. now, and I feel as though I slept through my life.

Meanwhile, my dad was diagnosed with cancer and severe emphysema. A friend brought over the "Chi Machine" for him. I tried it myself for 2 minutes and it was very difficult for me to stay on my back any longer. When I got up, I had a slight headache, but one Tylenol tood care of it. That headache was different because any slight headache becomes a migraine in my life. The next day I tried it again for 2 minutes and once again, a slight headache, but no migraine. I was reminded that any natural healing is libel to get worse before there are any results. My neck muscles were sore and I could hear crackling in my neck. The vertibrae at the base of my skull was moving! I have had a number of chiropractors and massage therapists try to move my vertebrae over the years. They were not successful. Now it's moving!

I then bought a "Chi Machine" for myself and continued to use it. I had to tell everyone that I made one mistake of trying to "work through the pain" only once. I can now tell you, if your muscles hurt, cut your time in half just like the book says, and start slower. I have been using the "Chi Machine" for 4 months, and have not had another migraine for the past 2 months! The last migraine I experienced, I challenged it as a woman, and I worked up to 15 minutes a day. Now I am doing 4 minutes in the morning, and 6 minutes at night. Every joint in my body is loose and moving the right way! I am also walking well for the first time in 28 years, and I can lie on my back for over an hour! I don't recall how much I weigh, but I don't feel heavy like before. I can wear a belt, and it doesn't look like a ribbon on a box! I've had a pain in my tailbone fo rthe past month that is subsiding now. The "Chi Machine" has helped me start walking right and feeling more like myself everyday. I want to tell everyone that I feel like "Rip Van Winkle!" All my friends are noticing my improvements and want a "Chi Machine" too! I want to thank Rick, Armstrong Marketing, HTEUSA for making this machine just like Dr. Shizuo Inoue M.D. invented.

Thank you for giving me my life back!


Cheri Enfield

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