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Carol Gail Gaylor

In my 30 year search for Holistic Alternatives I have been so patronized, compromized, disappointed and wasted so much time and money on worthless products and services that I have become an ultimate skeptic. I now research everything to the deepest level.

When my daughter, Lori Lee Ward, introduced me to your Sun Ancon Chi Machine, my first negative comment was, "Lori, how will you ever convince someone to pay $460 for something when we both have to work so hard to convince someone to pay $29 for a supplement? Eighty percent of the people do not buy the supplement, and if they do buy it they quit using it in just a few months." Lori said, "Mom, the machine sells itself. Nine out of ten people love it and start making arrangements to purchase one the very first time they use it." I said "Yeah right!" in total skepticism. So I tried it and felt the tingling sensation and still managed to maintain my negative attitude for several months, because to me, it felt like hanging onto a lawn mower. Lori, who I affectionately nicknamed "Foxy Locks", kept "baiting the hook" by informing me of the unusual and remarkable health benefits mutual friends and relatives, were experiencing. I would verify these statements by talking to the person myself. Well, guess what? My dear daughter, "Foxy Locks", hooked me!

Partially convinced, and feeling a small, insecure ray of hope, I jumped "on" with both feet and ordered both the SUn Ancon Chi Machine and the Far Infared HotHouse in February of 1998. So far, this has been one of the BEST INVESTMENTS I HAVE EVER MADE. I am now the proud owner of three Sun Ancon Chi Machines. One is for myself and my "hubby" Norman, one is for demonstration and one is for the road.

In a few weeks the Sun Ancon Chi Machine assisted my body in raising its oxygen levels, and the total movement of all areas of my body resulted in the disappearance of chronic sciatica and a more flexible neck and spine. I have had scoliosis since childhood and my spine is becoming straighter.

Within two weeks of beginning tose the Far Infared HotHouse, I noticed that a large, stubborn skin cancer, which had been resisting all holistic approaches, looked different. In six weeks it was gone without a trace. I now take the HotHouse to bed. I use it one to two house each night, beginning late in the afternoon, before bed. I intend to purchase one or two more Far Infared HotHouse so I can cover my whole body at one time. My eyes, skin and my sinus are all improving. My sinuses don't bother me anymore. I wake up with my eyes all stuck together with old mucus and expelled crystals. This is a very welcome and exciting experience for me because I understand cleansing effects.

Since I have been using both of these units faithfully everyday, I have transcended to a very apparent, higher level of health. I had extensive energy blocks and it took me several months to experience dramatic changes. Now, here is the best part! When I use either the Sun Ancon Chi Machine or the Far Infared HotHouse and I close my eyes and concentrate on pleasant thoughts, I see, for the first time in my life, beautiful, vivid, flourescent combinations of color which I know is the movement of energy. This is a rewarding and elevating experience. Also, for the first time in 30 years, I can truthfully say that I feel energized after using the Hothouse. For me, this is a miracle! Do you know that "zip" that people talk about when they drink coffee or take supplements, etc? I have never felt that until now. I have noticed more incremental imporovements in my health. I found out that in Asia the Chi Machine and HotHouse are used at the same time, because you feel more "Chi" in your body, so now I use both units together and the results are phenominal. "Foxy Locks" and I also demonstrate them together. WOW! I know that I have found the "Proverbial" fountains of youth, the Far Infared HotHouse and the Sun Ancon Aerobic Exerciser. These two healing modalities can certainly assist anyone in their efforts to maintain their bodily functions, dignity and positive effects of all other supplemental health programs.

Thank you,

"Health is Wealth"

Carol Gail Gaylor

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