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John Kranick

Back on 10/16/98 I was introduced to Julia who mentioned she was a representative for the Chi Machine.

For the last 9 months I have had a kink in my neck on the right side and lower back pain due to it, as well as weakness in my hands and arms , I was in desperate need of a solution as my work requires lifting. I'm 40 but moved like I was 90.I had been to a number of Chiropractors who would get rid of the kink for a few days, but it always returned, same with massage, I couldn't aford it every day and the relief was fleeting.

I requested more info from Julia ,but was interested in the machine ,not being a distributor or so I thought.I had to go to Colorado the following week and decided to look more into it when I got back. Everthing went well work wise,but my neck and back were even worse when I got back. I needed some relief and quickly.It came down to joining the local Y.M.C.A Spa membership for $500 for 1 year and try to swim it out or the Chi Machine. Thank heven I made the right choise and picked the Chi machine which I ordered by credit card over the phone the 4th and recieved friday the 6th of november. Here are the results:

Friday-1st use- 5 minutes, second- 10 minutes, third -10 minutes before bed, kink in neck relieved, back tender but no pain, hands, arms sore ,but feeling returning.

Saturday-4th upon rising-10 minutes,5th -10 minutes,6th- 10 minutes before bed. kink in neck GONE, Back pain GONE, hand-arm pain GONE.Sleeped like a baby and when I woke up Sunday morning I had no pain in my neck or back , the first time in 9 months.

I have continued the 3- 10 minute a day sessions since and have continued to stay pain free with increased energy.

Today 11/17/98.

Please also understand I have had a very bad cold durning this time (run down), and have been living on Chinese -Won ton soup and fresh juice and have experienced none of the joint, muscle pain I normally do with a cold, or the blood sugar swings I normally would get when having a cold and eating this way.

Julia, I'd like to thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Your friend for life,

John Kranick

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