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Randy Mack

I would like to share a personal experience regarding an issue that I know many of you have to deal with regularly regarding the Chi Machine. Potential customers were asking me about the cheaper copycat machines available. I have seen ads for three different ones so far, but what most people have seen is the one on TV for $98! I asked people in my upline about it and was told several things:

One: that they were violating our patents and our lawyers are going after them

Two: the machines move too fast and can injure people

Three: they are made so cheaply that they don't last.

I could believe all of that, but I still wanted to know the truth for myself, so I ordered one.

It arrived, I unpacked it, and it looked pretty much like our machine, although I could see that the connections of the cords and the fastenings of the case were cheaper. I set it up next to the Chi Machine, and turned it on. It is true that the copycat goes faster than the Chi Machine, but it didn't appear to be a lot faster. The copycat's timer makes an annoying buzz continuously while on, and the unit itself makes a louder grinding kind of sound while in operation. Its instructions say not to use it for more than 15 minutes at a time, and to let it rest for at least 30 minutes between uses, and not to use it in any kind of commercial application.

I wanted to be fair so I tried the copycat first for a minute and then switched to the Chi Machine and back and forth again. The copycat hurt my back -- I could hardly believe it! I mean just a minute or so on it twice and my low back felt strained and bothered me for the rest of the day (more on that later) I wanted to stay on the copycat machine for at least ten minutes but I just couldn't make myself do that. It felt too harsh and jarring to my body. I had another person try the copycat machine and he said that it felt harsher than the Chi Machine. He used it for 10 minutes and while it didn't hurt his back, he did notice that he didn't get any of the Chi Rush he gets from using the Chi Machine.

Then I had an engineer friend of mine come over and we opened up both machines. They are both very similar in layout as far where the motor is and appearance of the drive mechanism for the footrest. He pointed out a number of things. He said it was typical of a cheap reverse engineered knock-off unit. The motor housing was cheaply made and open; the clearance between the motor and the moving parts was sloppy; and the piece that transfers the power from the motor to the moving shaft is plastic rather than steel as in the Chi Machine. He didn't think it would last very long.

Okay so there I am with a low back that was strained by very short time on the copycat machine, when I have spent 15-20 minutes at a time on the Chi Machine from my first day and never experienced any problems at all. Well -- that afternoon my Hot House arrived and I read the literature about it helping with muscle strains, et cetera so I lay under it and guess what -- my low back strain suddenly, well within 15 minutes, was almost totally gone. Thank you Hsin Ten.


Randy Mack

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